2012 Digital Business Census

Put Your Information to Work for Your Company

The NYDD is proud to announce the launch of our 2012 Digital Business Census. Last year’s census provided fantastic insight into the pace and scale of growth within the area and confirmed the position of the neighborhood as a key player in the national economic recovery and the trend toward highly-skilled, technology-based employment and innovation. This year marks a critical step for the census, as year-over-year data will yield essential insights and data our organization can use to present the value of the industry to the outside world and to advocate for support from commercial and civic leaders.

Please take the time (estimated time 5-8 minutes) to fill out the online questionnaire or to pass it on to the appropriate business leader or manager. The census is open to participation by all digital industry businesses located in the NYDD. All information will be kept strictly anonymous and only presented in aggregate form.

Help the NYDD help your business.