Committee Chairs Announced

New York Digital District (NYDD) Announces Committee Chairs, Launches District Census, Open for Support

Brooklyn, NY — February 28, 2012

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NYDD Committee Chairs Announced
The New York Digital District (NYDD) formally announced the chairs for its first five committees. These Committees will support the mission of the NYDD to foster continued growth and stability in the digital business industry DUMBO area of Brooklyn, NY. The Committee Chairs announced today are:

  • Bobby Emamian, Welcome Committee Chair
  • Chris Fohlin, Digital Infrastructure Committee Chair
  • Geoff Grauer, Technology Committee Chair
  • Tina Roth Eisenberg, Creativity Committee Chair
  • Andrew Zarick, Events Committee Chair

"As a fellow local digital business owner, I'm thrilled to welcome this group to the family of people working hard to support this industry. Each of them are fantastic people, true professionals, and great additions to our team at the NYDD," noted Brian Lemond, co-founder and Executive Board Member of the NYDD. "These committees are a cornerstone of our future efforts. Each chair will assemble and manage their own teams to develop initiatives in their arena, and we're excited to see what their visions yield."

Bobby Emamian, the co-founder and CEO of fast-growing Prolific Interactive, brings a mix of technical and strategic skills to the management of the business. Prolific Interactive is a digital media agency specializing in mobile and social apps, and has worked with a wide array of recognizable companies including New Corporation, the NBA, Scholastic, and MTV. Bobby also sits on the Quinnipiac University Entrepreneurship Advisory Board and is a regular speaker at mobile technology conferences across the country. As the Welcome Committee Chair, Bobby will bring his energy and vision to bear on ensuring new members, companies, and organizations quickly find their footing in our burgeoning digital business community.

As the Associate Director of Interactive at Brooklyn United, a digital media agency whose work creates connections between cultural leaders and their audiences, Chris Fohlin ensures the agency and their client make responsible, forward-thinking decisions about the application of technology. Brooklyn United is a creative studio planning, designing, and producing traditional and digital media for internationally recognized brands such as Gucci, Levi's, Columbia University, and New York University as well as local organizations such as Friends of the High Line, Brooklyn Arts Council, and Alloy Development. As the Committee Chair for Digital Infrastructure, Chris will oversee the online presence of the NYDD.

Geoff Grauer is co-founder and CIO/COO of Pontiflex, a leading mobile advertising company helping clients reach audiences wherever they use digital media. As the technology czar, Geoff oversees short-term execution and long-term development of data transfer, security, distributed computing, and operations. As a global citizen with an established presence in contemporary art, Geoff brings a unique perspective to the NYDD team. As Technology Committee Chair, Geoff will introduce and manage infrastructural initiatives to support a bright future for the NYDD technology environment.

Tina Roth Eisenberg is a New York City-based designer, author, and community organizer who has channeled her personal history, design influences, and aesthetic vision into a host of activites. Through the renowned design journal swissmiss, the international lecture series Creative Mornings, the Teux Deux app, and the design-tattoo shop Tatty, Tina has established herself as a recognized leader in and contributor to conversations about design and creativity. The NYDD is proud to call itself home to the New York branch of Creative Mornings, and we're thrilled to have Tina's input guiding our organization's dialogue about professional design.

The co-founder and Chief Executive Organizer of the NYDD's premier event, Digital DUMBO, Andrew Zarick manages relationships with a community of over 8,000 (and growing) digital business and technology thought leaders. A series of monthly networking events and workshops established in 2009, Digital DUMBO continues to raise awareness of the growing digital community in the NYDD. By linking global brands such as Google, BING, AOL, and AT&T as host partners with local digital business pioneers, Digital DUMBO has created a unique space for conversation. Andrew is also the founder of the online advertising agency AZBK and the music delivery network StereoGrid. As the Events Committee Chair, Andrew brings a wealth of experience to the organization of NYDD events.

The NYDD Executive Board continues to vet candidates for remaining Committees. Interested parties should reach out to the NYDD at To volunteer with one of the committees, please visit the site at

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NYDD 2012 Census Launches
The NYDD is proud to announce the launch of our 2012 Digital Business Census. Last year's census provided fantastic insight into the pace and scale of growth within the area and confirmed the position of the neighborhood as a key player in the national economic recovery and the trend toward highly-skilled, technology-based employment and innovation. This year marks a critical step for the census, as year-over-year data will yield essential insights and data our organization can use to present the value of the industry to the outside world and to advocate for support from commercial and civic leaders.

Please take the time (estimated time 5-8 minutes) to fill out the online questionnaire or to pass it on to the appropriate business leader or manager. The census is open to participation by all digital industry businesses located in the NYDD. For more information, please visit our website at To fill out the census, please visit All information will be kept strictly anonymous and only presented in aggregate form. Help the NYDD help your business.

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Support the NYDD
Our non-profit, community-based organization works to foster a productive, growing digital industry in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, NY. We welcome your support in the form of donation and participation. To learn more about our committees and to get involved, please visit the website at To donate to the important work we're doing, please visit the website at or send your check directly to us at 45 Main Street, Suite 1200 Brooklyn NY 11201

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About the NYDD
Founded in 2010, the New York Digital District is an initiative located in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, NY. Representing more than 80 digital businesses, many competing and collaborating professionally, the NYDD promotes the area's dynamic ability to support a vast array of businesses, from technology to startups to agencies. The NYDD is an organized body of professionals dedicated to advocacy and charged with leveraging the creativity, tenacity, and insight of the community's leaders to present the NYDD as the epicenter of New York's digital future.

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