About NYDD / Strategy

Our approach

  • Create a dynamic web presence to keep the community informed about the latest organizational issues
  • Create a 501(c)6 Non-Profit
  • Establish a Member Business Directory
  • Community Desk lending program to allow startups and digital entrepreneurs a space to start their business.
  • Create a Leadership Board that consists of:
    • NYDD digital business owners
    • Local elected and city officials
    • Local community organizational leaders
  • Schedule monthly Town Hall meetings to discuss business' concerns/needs
  • Local community involvement
    • Volunteer at local schools to help eliminate computer illiteracy
    • Donate used computers to local schools
  • Relocation and Employee Assistance
    • Tax credits to encourage business relocation in the
    • Tax credits to encourage employee relocation to the NYDD
  • Campaign for lower insurance rates (i.e. Medical, Dental, Workers Compensation)*
  • Create Educational and Internship Programs for Students
  • * The digital industry tends to be made of a defined aged group, primarily comprised of younger, healthier workers than those in other fields; the work environment is low-risk.