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We have swagger

Hey Google, you know all those websites, videos, and applications you link to? Yeah, they were probably conceived, designed, and built in the New York Digital District (formerly known as Dumbo, Brooklyn). There are over 80 digital companies in a four block radius and we OWN this space. We won't name drop now (we'll let this site do the talking for us) but let's just say if you built a fantasy team of tech's biggest'd find them here. But we couldn't do it without you, Google. Each of us utilize your tools EVERY DAY to make our businesses run more efficiently and continue encouraging these hip, laid back, collaborative environments. We want to be your test group for Google Fiber - nay - we demand it. Do you know how much bandwidth it takes to ship all this hotness to our clients? Ok, you probably do. But what makes brands happy, makes us happy, and that ultimately makes consumers happy. Poke around and find out why the New York Digital District is the new home for Google Fiber.

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